E203: Free and Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Your Print On Demand Business

Welcome back to the PODCast!

Can you imagine doubling your reach and engagement with just a few tweaks to your marketing strategy? This week, the guys reconnect after a few weeks to bring you a treasure trove of free and inexpensive marketing ideas for your print-on-demand business. Even implementing just one of these strategies over time can have a real impact on your stores.

From social media marketing strategies to influencer marketing, the guys hold nothing back, outlining how you can partner with influencers to promote your products or even have them manage their own merch lines at no extra cost. Even offline marketing, customer follow up, and email marketing strategies are on the table, providing a well-rounded approach to boost your print-on-demand profits.

Plus, in this week's Point of Interest, the guys share about FouthWall - a potential Shopify alternative for those with an audience. You can sell POD through their suppliers, digital products, and even physical products not related to POD!

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:49 - Opening Banter
00:04:43 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:05:40 - Point Of Interest - FourthWall
00:13:00 - The Main Event
00:13:53 - Social Media
00:17:47 - Influencer Marketing
00:23:02 - Google Business Page
00:27:01 - Community Groups & Relationships
00:35:00 - Content Marketing
00:38:56 - Customer Follow-up Strategy
00:41:13 - Email Marketing
00:43:25 - Collaborations/Partnerships
00:45:32 - Business Cards
00:48:52 - Closing Comments

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