E201: Shopify or Etsy? Where Should You Begin Selling Print On Demand?

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So which platform should you be focusing on for your print-on-demand business? On this week's show, Travis fly's solo as Josiah takes a well-deserved family break in Wyoming. He tackles the age-old debate: Etsy or Shopify? In the massive pros and cons list for each platform, Travis outlines the differences in these two behemoths and why one or the other might be your best option.

For example, Etsy boasts built-in traffic and low upfront costs, making it a beginner-friendly platform. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows; marketplace fees and reduced profit margins can sting. Conversely,
Shopify offers extensive customization and higher profit potential but demands more technical know-how and marketing efforts. Don't miss out on this episode packed with practical advice and real-world strategies!

Enjoy the show!


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00:01:52 - Opening Banter
00:02:57 - Kait's 200th Episode Voice Message
00:05:47 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:07:32 - The Main Event
00:11:32 - 2 Main POD Strategies
00:14:40 - The Pros for Selling on Shopify
00:24:31 - The Cons for Selling on Shopify
00:29:19 - The Pros for Selling on Etsy
00:35:13 - The Cons for Selling on Etsy
00:41:38 - Where Should You Start?
00:45:38 - Wrapping Up

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