E200: Celebrating 200 Episodes Live
+ Listener Stories

Welcome back to the PODCast!

Can you believe it? 200 episodes of Print on Demand and small business content. I guarantee Travis and Josiah had no idea this day would come sitting in a garage four years ago and pressing record for the first time.

But here we are. Wow.

Join the guys as they celebrate this incredible accomplishment LIVE across multiple platforms, reflecting on nearly four years of engaging with the Print On Demand community. While they attempt to treat it like a regular episode of sorts, (yeah, there's a dad joke and a point of interest) the real stars of the show are all the people who sent in voice recordings to participate in the occasion.

So listen in as a host of guests share stories, their business highs and lows, and how the PODCast has helped them in their print on demand businesses. This episode is more than a celebration; it's a testament to the unwavering support and enthusiasm of this community that has fueled Travis and Josiah's podcasting journey.

Enjoy the show!


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00:01:07 - Opening Banter
00:04:25 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:07:20 - Point of Interest - Genmojis?
00:12:42 - The Main Event - Listener Voice Messages
00:14:30 - Travis' Answers
00:16:46 - Josiah's Answers
00:18:59 - Andrew
00:22:20 - Beck
00:28:43 - Chris #1
00:37:07 - Ercy
00:40:07 - Fiona
00:43:30 - Jenny
00:47:16 - Sindee
00:49:48 - Susan
00:52:12 - Uncle Mike
00:55:44 - Chris #2
01:00:13 - Closing Comments & Heartfelt Thanks
01:03:19 - "Is this thing on?"

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