E197: Do You Have A Print On Demand Hobby or Business? + Amazon Merch on Demand Custom T-shirts

Welcome back to the PODCast!

When starting your print on demand venture, it's natural to share it with others. Well, if you've told people about your POD business, this episode might be a bit of a wake up call. While it's totally fine to see print on demand as a hobby that can bring in a few bucks, there's a different way to go about building a business.

On this week's episode, Travis and Josiah shed light on the differences between a hobby and business. They start off with the necessity of dedicated work hours and goal setting. These form the foundation of a real business as opposed to a side hobby you work on "when you have time." From strategic product listings to social media content creation, the guys really hone in on creating a print on demand business you can be proud of.

Plus, in this week's Point of Interest, the guys share
a new Amazon Merch on Demand custom t-shirt listing. It seems Amazon continues to grow the program, simultaneously taking sales from other sellers trying to sell customized products on the platform. (Insert sad trombone sound here.)

Enjoy the show!


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Amazon Merch on Demand Custom Shirt Listing

00:00:48 - Opening Banter
00:04:18 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:05:10 - Point Of Interest - AMoD Custom Listings
00:10:38 - The Main Event
00:14:09 - Set Specific Hours to Work on Your POD Business
00:17:20 - Set Weekly Upload Benchmarks
00:20:50 - Be Strategic With Your Listings
00:29:07 - You Need a Marketing Plan
00:35:26 - Build an Email List
00:39:10 - Be Willing To Invest In Your Business
00:42:04 - Business Best Practices
00:45:19 - Final Summary
00:50:12 - Closing Comments

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