E195: What to Look for in a POD Production Partner + Suno AI

Welcome back POD Pals!

Curious about what it takes to consistently deliver top-notch print on demand products? Join Travis and Josiah on this week's show as they dig into the critical elements of choosing a POD production partner.

From using samples to not only test quality, but also delivery times, to making sure your chosen vendor can integrate with the channels you want to sell on, there are many things to consider. It should also be said that even if you've
already chosen a vendor, it's a good practice to go through this checklist occasionally as the POD landscape is changing daily.

Plus, in this week's Point of Interest, the guys share a new AI that can create songs on the fly! (Yeah, we know it's not POD specific, but it sure is cool!)

Lastly, the guys would also encourage your participation in
our Facebook community, where the group's insights can help everyone grow stronger together.

So tune in for a blend of industry expertise, dad jokes, and a celebration of our print-on-demand journey—here's to many more episodes and successes!

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:11 - New Intro Song?
00:01:09 - Opening Banter
00:03:50 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:04:36 - Point of Interest - Suno AI
00:08:55 - Appalachian Metal Bluegrass?
00:14:01 - The Main Event
00:16:05 - Good Quality
00:20:53 - Delivery Times
00:24:01 - Large Product Range
00:27:32 - Platform Integration Options
00:32:34 - Customer Service
00:36:07 - Pricing (CoGS)
00:41:27 - Wrapping Up

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