E193: Branding With Your Customer In Mind w/ Jon Ladd

Welcome back POD Pals!

On this week's show, Travis interviews
Jon Ladd from Terminus Tees. As a marketer first, Jon has a unique and time tested way of crafting strategies that resonate deeply with his audience, transforming everyday merchandise into powerful statements of identity. From Jon's insights, you'll learn how to pair humor with relatability to create an unforgettable brand experience that sticks with consumers long after their purchase.

The guys discuss the importance of emotional connections in the branded apparel industry. From the rise of digital music to the dynamic world of 'fanwear', they discuss how these shifts can be leveraged to build a brand that thrives on the very essence of its fans. Jon also shares his about how he transitioned from musician to marketing whiz, revealing the secrets behind creating an impactful brand that's more than just a logo on a shirt.

Prepare to take notes as they tackle strategies for understanding and engaging with your customers on a level that transcends transactional interactions. Whether it's through heartwarming dad jokes or poignant storytelling, this episode is an arsenal of ideas meant to elevate your brand from the crowd. Don't miss out on the gold nuggets that could redefine the way you approach marketing your print on demand business.

Enjoy the show!


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Jon's links:

00:01:45 - Introduction of Jon Ladd
00:04:20 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:08:59 - Jon's Print Origin Story
00:16:10 - Working "On" Your Business
00:22:00 - POD and Screen Printing Crossover
00:25:40 - Terminus Tees Fulfillment
00:34:12 - Marketing Your Brand
00:43:29 - Asking The Right Questions About Your Customer
00:49:00 - Brands Should Illicit an Emotional Response
00:53:12 - The"Super Niche" Concept
00:54:40 - How To Connect w/ Jon

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