E192: Going From “Just Starting Out” to “Crushing It” In Your POD Business

Welcome back POD Pals!

Ever wondered how to transform your Print on Demand (POD) side hustle into a full-fledged business empire? Strap in as Travis and Josiah lay out a roadmap for your journey, infusing their experiences with industry know-how and a pinch of dad humor to keep things lively. They’re not just talking shop, they're sharing real life examples of mistakes made that you can avoid. Get ready to laugh, learn, and leap into action with this episode.

Navigating the POD landscape can be like threading a needle while riding a rollercoaster—exhilarating but fraught with twists and turns. The guys share tips for those in the 'Rookie' stage of their POD journey, where the enthusiasm of 10 to 100 live listings meets the reality of slow sales and a steep learning curve. But fear not; they've got anecdotes for their initial fumbles and triumphs, from sublimating coffee mugs to scoring that first apparel client, all while juggling the demands of inventory and organization—the bread and butter of any thriving business.

This episode wouldn't be complete without a blueprint for success. The guys chat about the monumental shift from working in your business to working on it—a game-changer for those feeling stuck in the day-to-day. They drop some nuggets about managing social media, tapping into the power of personalization, and the magic of consistent product listing.

Plus, in this week's Point of Interest, the guys do a comparison of Epson's latest DTG/DTF Hybrid machines; the F1070 and F2270! So whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of POD, join the PODCast for an episode that promises not only insights but also actionable steps to elevate your business to the next level.

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:45 - Opening Banter
00:03:05 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:05:12 - Point of Interest - F1070 vs F2270
00:16:25 - The Main Event
00:16:40 - Navigating the Rookie Stage in Business
00:20:35 - Lessons Learned in Print on Demand
00:28:46 - Traits of the "Rookie" Stage
00:33:04 - Some Next Steps
00:34:15 - Social Media Tips
00:38:28 - Offering Personalized Products
00:39:50 - Benchmark for New Listings
00:41:30 - Expanding to a Second Marketplace
00:42:53 - Closing Thoughts

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