E191: Six Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Sales on Etsy + TikTok Shops

Welcome back POD Pals!

Ever feel like you're shouting into the void with your Etsy shop, only to be met with the sound of crickets? Fear not, fellow creators and side hustlers, because Travis and Josiah are here with a lighthearted yet enlightening episode that will equip you with the know-how to kick those stagnant sales to the curb. We'll navigate the tricky waters of e-commerce, pulling from our personal escapades—including a hilarious eclipse story and the art of solo dad-ing—to pinpoint six sneaky sales-killers on Etsy and how to tackle them head-on. From practical advice that goes beyond the basics, like using loss leaders to bait the hook for your Etsy store to embracing customization requests to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you'll be glad you tuned in this week.

Plus in the Point of Interest, Travis shares about his recent experiment with adding products to his TikTok Shop. Why he's not very far into the process (and not sure how well it will work with POD,) it's still a nice primer. If you're curious, experimenting, or just keen to hear about his ongoing saga with TikTok Shop, you're in for a treat.

So, grab your earbuds and join us on this journey full of dad jokes, strategic gems, and the shared pursuit of print-on-demand glory.

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:45 - Opening Banter
00:05:36 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:07:03 - Point of Interest - TikTok Shops
00:12:31 - The Main Event
00:15:40 - Know Who Your Customer Is
00:19:44 - Don't Copy Designs
00:23:47 - Optimize Your Listings
00:32:56 - Pricing Your Listings
00:36:57 - Scale Winning Products
00:41:40 - Closing Thoughts

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