E190: Shopify vs Marketplaces - Where Should You Sell? + Veeqo Shipping

Welcome back POD Pals!

Easter egg hunts and church choirs are usually reserved for family albums, but not today! Tune in as Travis and Josiah weave tales of their Easter escapades into a broader narrative about the hustle of online selling. (OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but we're going with it.) From the echoes of laughter during a family Easter egg showdown to the strum of a guitar in a church service, they set the stage for an episode that marries personal anecdotes with the cutthroat strategies of navigating Shopify vs marketplaces in the print-on-demand cosmos.

And all of that before noon. 👊

Ever felt the rush of a new tech purchase or the buzz of an upcoming sports event? The guys channel that excitement into dissecting the choice between embracing the autonomy of Shopify or leveraging the traffic of marketplaces. The episode takes you through the trenches of e-commerce decision-making, armed with stories of both victory and the occasional novelty t-shirt store flop. (Looking at you, TeeScream!)

The grand finale is a candid discussion about the pivotal choice every print-on-demand entrepreneur must face: to marketplace or not to marketplace, that is the question. If you're navigating the seas of customer traffic versus full profit control, the guys have got the compass you need. The journey from learning to doing can be daunting, but with a mix of humor, advice, and real-life experiences, Travis and Josiah are here to guide you through, one dad joke at a time.

Dang. That last sentence was pure gold. 😎

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:45 - Opening Banter
00:04:24 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:05:50 - PODCast 5-Star Review Shoutout
00:06:34 - Point of Interest
00:12:34 - The Main Event
00:17:44 - Royalty vs Seller of Record
00:21:34 - Some Shopify Pros
00:24:43 - Some Marketplace Pros
00:34:31 - Choosing Between Marketplace and Shopify
00:41:47 - Wrapping Up & Closing Thoughts

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