E189: The Best Ways To Market Your Brand in 2024 + Impressions Expo Atlantic City Recap

Welcome back POD Pals!

Let's face it, marketing is a buzz word. That said, it's also the life blood of a brand - without marketing, your brand will eventually die off. On this week's show, Josiah and Travis share their insights into the best ways to market your brand in 2024!

Not only will the guys share about how to go about establishing your brand in the first place, but they also cover social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, the golden 80/20 rule, TikTok shops, and more!

Plus, in the Point Of Interest, Travis shares about his experience at the
Impressions Expo in Atlantic City!

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:02 - Opener
00:03:31 - Even More Banter
00:06:35 - Point Of Interest - Impressions Expo Recap
00:12:01 - Benefits Of Trade Show Networking
00:15:10 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:15:49 - The Main Event - Branding and Marketing
00:16:05 - Establishing Your Brand Prior To Marketing
00:25:03 - Marketing w/ Social Media
00:31:00 - Marketing w/ Email
00:36:34 - Marketing w/ Influencers
00:40:48 - Using a TikTok Shop For Your Brand
00:46:05 - Marketing w/ Paid Ads
00:53:41 - Closing Thoughts

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