E186: Systemize Your Path to Print on Demand Profits

Welcome back POD Pals!

Ever wondered how to turn your Print On Demand side hustle into a money-making machine? Strap in and prepare as Travis and Josiah "get down to the nitty-gritty" of systemizing your way to success.

This episode is all about laying out the groundwork for meaningful progress in both your personal and entrepreneurial life. We chew over the wisdom of James Clear's "
Atomic Habits," revealing how tweaking daily systems can lead to big wins. You'll learn how to stay the course by creating weekly upload goal trackers, and discover the undeniable power of accountability. So grab a pen and tune in for a conversation that blends humor with actionable strategies to keep your goals within reach and your Print On Demand business thriving.

Enjoy the show!


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00:52 Opening Banter
02:25 Arsenal Update
04:50 Weekly Dad Joke
05:35 Latest Review of the PODCast
09:42 The Main Event
12:25 Achievement vs Habit Based Goals
21:48 Creating Accountability Systems
30:08 Closing Comments

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