E185: Eight Mistakes You're Making in POD and How to Fix Them

Welcome back to the show POD Pals!

Print on demand is a difficult business. There are many things that you learn over the months and years. In this week's episode Travis and Josiah share 8 mistakes that a lot of people make in their POD business and discuss how you can correct them.

Travis and Josiah also debut a BRAND NEW segment called "Last Week, Today" as they highlight a moment from
last week's POD Essentials Episode that is guaranteed to be thought provoking and make you laugh!

Enjoy the show!


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00:00:02 - Intro
00:01:02 - Waffle Section
00:02:01 - Weekly Dad Joke
00:03:13 - 5 Star Review Shout Out
00:05:29 - Last Week Today
00:09:19 - Main Event
00:10:19 - Mistake 1
00:14:44 - Mistake 2
00:18:55 - Mistake 3
00:23:40 - Mistake 4
00:27:55 - Mistake 5
00:31:18 - Mistake 6
00:34:10 - Mistake 7
00:36:32 - Mistake 8
00:40:04 - Outro

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