E184: Why Aren't You Selling Here Yet?
POD Essentials

Welcome back to the show, POD Pals!

On this week's show, Travis is solo for another "POD Essentials" episode and shares all about the channel many think is too difficult to launch their POD products on - Amazon! Get ready to unlock the potential of the world's largest marketplace and catapult your sales! Travis is spilling the beans on how to tap into Amazon's 2.5 billion visits—a goldmine compared to Etsy's impressive but smaller reach.

Navigating the Amazon landscape can seem like trekking through a dense jungle, but fear not, Travis is here with a machete to clear the path. He'll guide you through choosing between individual and professional seller accounts, leveraging "Fulfilled By Amazon" (FBA) for that Prime edge, and keeping your listings live indefinitely. Learn how to snag that coveted GTIN exemption and wield the power of Amazon's Brand Registry, which not only offers brand protection but also helps with a certain level of control over your listings.

Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting, Amazon just might be the rocket fuel for your print-on-demand dreams. Tune in an find out!

Enjoy the show!


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Other Links:

00:48 - Welcome and Intro
01:52 - Weekly Dad Joke
03:15 - Main Event - Why Not Amazon?
05:17 - Why Expand Beyond Etsy?
10:35 - Amazon Merch on Demand vs Seller Central
13:05 - Individual vs Professional Account
16:04 - FBA vs FBM
24:08 - Perceived Challenges
26:56 - Wrapping It All Up

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