E183: Things You Didn’t Know About Printing On Fabric But Should

Welcome back POD Pals! 

While you might not think this is necessary knowledge if you're simply dropshipping your POD products, understanding what you can and can't do with different printing methods can help you choose the best process for your products. So this week Travis and Josiah peel back the layers of fabric printing and give you their insights as to which printing method is best for various fabric types!

From DTG to Vinyl - the guys cover multiple different applications and discuss why they may or not be best for your product. Plus, Travis and Josiah shout out an awesome listener review for the show!

Enjoy the show!


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00:30 - Intro & Banter
07:46 - Weekly Dad Joke
09:34 - Listener Review Shoutout
14:42 - Why This Topic Is Important
18:36 - Direct To Garment
27:50 - Screen Printing
31:42 - Direct To Film
37:06 - Heat Pressed Vinyl
40:50 - Sublimation
46:50 - Screen Printed Transfers
49:45 - Embroidery
54:15 - What Travis and Josiah Recommend
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