E181: The Easiest Way to Expand Your POD Business + Makerplace By Michaels

Welcome back to the PODCast!
On this week's episode Josiah and Travis share what they believe is the easiest way to expand your print on demand business!

Plus, in the Point of Interest, the guys talk about a new ecommerce platform called ⁠Makerplace by Michaels⁠ and what it could possibly mean for print on demand sellers.
Enjoy the show!


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00:00:00 Show Open
00:00:43 Welcome and Waffle Section
00:04:15 Weekly Dad Joke
00:06:00 Point of Interest
00:13:32 The Main Event
00:14:22 Characteristics of the "Rookie"
00:17:04 Expanding To Other Online Channels
00:24:17 Working With Influencers
00:30:36 Working With Local Businesses
00:32:25 Importance Of Networking
00:36:05 Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets
00:42:16 Wrapping Up

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