E179: Networking is Sexier Than You Think + Impressions Expo Recap

Welcome back to the PODCast!

This week Josiah and Travis are back talking all things networking and, as you might have read in the title, how it can be sexier than you think! They give advice on different ways to network at each stage of the POD Success Journey (Check out
Episode 172 for more on that topic.)

Plus, in the Point of Interest, Travis gives us a recap of this recent trip to Long Beach to the Impressions Expo, the class he taught, and the AI and Automations Panel that he was invited to take part in!

Enjoy the show!


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(00:00:00) Welcome
(00:00:53) Waffle Section
(00:03:26) The Weekly Dad Joke
(00:04:47) Recap from the Impressions Expo
(00:09:47) ScreenprintGPT
(00:14:11) Cutting-edge Equipment at the Expo
(00:18:08) Main Event
(00:20:11) Networking for The Curious
(00:23:26) Networking for The Rookie
(00:29:11) Networking for The Seasoned
(00:34:57) Networking for The Thriving
(00:41:15) The Wrap Up

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