E178: Listen To This Before You Sell Anything - POD Essentials

Welcome back to the PODCast!

This week Travis is solo and sharing a new format that you will be seeing from time to time called POD Essentials! (Don't worry - this isn't replacing the regular episodes and for those that are fans of Josiah - he will still be around plenty!)

On this week's show, Travis shares some print on demand 101 "to do's" before you sell anything. If you've already started selling, that's ok. You'll still want to eventually get these things done.

Enjoy the show!


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1:11 - The new "Print on Demand Cast Essentials" format
2:55 - This week's topic: Print on Demand 101 - Before You Sell Anything
3:44 - Weekly Dad Joke
4:46 - Main Topic: Before You Sell Anything
5:52 - Define your "why"
10:38 - Decide on your business structure (DBA vs S-Corp)
15:13 - Register your business, get an EIN and a sales tax license
17:54 - Open a business bank account
20:59 - If you've already started selling
24:00 - Closing thoughts

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