PODCast E176: Setting Goals the Right Way in Print on Demand and Life!

Welcome back to the PODCast!

In this episode of the Print on Demand Cast, Travis and Josiah share insights on goal setting. Considering it's a new year, many people will make New Year Resolutions only to abandon them in the upcoming weeks and months. Why is that?

In the acclaimed book '⁠⁠Atomic Habits⁠⁠,' author James Clear explains that part of the reason we give up on our goals is that we focus on the results and not the systems that will get us to those results. To that end, the guys share the difference between "achievement based goals" and "habit based goals."

Additionally, the guys take some time to share potential strategies on growing your POD business, how to manage and track goals effectively, as well as the importance of maintaining balance between your business and personal life goals.

Enjoy the show!


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00:01 Introduction
01:00 New Year Banter and Topic Intro
03:44 The Weekly Dad Joke
04:42 Highlighting User Review
07:02 The Main Event
08:24 Problems With Goal Setting
15:46 Achievement Based Goals
20:56 Habit Based Goals
30:14 Additional Goal Setting Tips
42:05 Closing Thoughts

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