PODCast E174: Nine Mistakes You Might Be Making in Print on Demand + Meta Imagine AI

Welcome back to the PODCast!

In this episode of the Print On Demand Cast, Josiah and Travis discuss nine potential pitfalls that print on demand business owners frequently encounter. From disorganized file management, poor keyword research, ignoring copyright laws, to even forgetting to get samples, these mistakes can cause you to grow at a slower rate or even give up completely!

The guys cover each of these mistakes in depth, offering solutions and preventative measures to help listeners steer clear of these common traps. The episode is filled with practical advice to help both newcomers in the print-on-demand world and seasoned pros refine their strategies and build stronger businesses as a result.

Plus, in the Point of Interest, Josiah share about Meta's new AI image generator.

Enjoy the show!


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00:02 Introduction
17:33 Low Quality Designs
22:07 Ignoring Copyright Laws
32:12 Picking The Wrong Products
35:34 Minimal Keyword Research
41:29 Comparing to Other's Stores
49:12 Not Subscribing to The Print on Demand Cast
49:03 Wrap Up

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