PODCast E173: Etsy POD Endurance and Success w/ Jay De Souza

In this week's episode of the Print on Demand Cast, Travis and Josiah interview Jay De Souza, an Etsy print on demand expert. They discuss the growth and possibilities of the print on demand industry, and Jay shares his personal journey with print on demand, which started over a decade ago.

Jay gives insights into his successful print on demand operations, such as the benefits of researching a niche in-depth and the value of personalizing designs for a target market. He also talks about the importance of practicing design skills regularly and gives some advice, such as not to be afraid of competition—as opportunities are plenty in the print on demand field.

Towards the end, Jay shares his personal goals for his print on demand businesses like moving towards use of AI and automation, and gives some advice for those starting out in the field.

Enjoy the show!


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00:03 Introduction

00:25 Conversation with Jay D'Souza

03:50 Insights into the Print-On-Demand Industry

44:35 Weekly Dad Joke Segment

47:15 Magic Questions Segment

01:02:56 Conclusion

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