PODCast E172: The Four Stages of Business for Print on Demand Sellers

In this week's episode of the Print on Demand Cast, Josiah and Travis discuss the four personality types of Print-On-Demand (POD) entrepreneurs - the curious, the rookies, the seasoned, and the thriving. They delve into the key symptoms and defining traits of each type, providing advice and next steps for transitioning from one stage to the next while avoiding pitfalls. 

They also stress the importance of a strategic approach, learning from others' experiences, effectively using tools and platforms, and maintaining work-life balance while expanding business operations.

Enjoy the show!


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00:03 Introduction and Welcome

03:32 Listener Review Shout Out

06:05 Main Event: The Four Personality Types of POD Entrepreneurs

06:59 Personality Type 1: The Curious

11:33 Personality Type 2: The Rookies

15:27 Personality Type 3: The Seasoned

21:04 Personality Type 4: The Thriving

24:01 Moving Forward: From Curious to Rookies

28:42 Next Steps for Rookies

33:28 Next Steps for Seasoned Sellers

40:51 Next Steps for Thriving Sellers

46:52 Identifying Your Business Stage and Seeking Help

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