PODCast E166: Strategic Design Makes For A Good Design w/ Andy Zenz

On this week's episode on the show, Travis is flying solo as Josiah is returning from his trip to Sweden. However, he was able to get a last minute guest to agree to come on the podcast and share his knowledge of branding and design. Andy Zenz of Robots Love Balloons has been helping people with strategic branding through purposeful graphic design for over 15 years. He is a wealth of knowledge and even helped Travis design the packaging for his most successful private label product several years back.

The discussion covers a lot of ground, but a theme that seems to weave throughout the interview is the contrast between "quality" and "quantity" when it comes to print on demand. While there is room for both, it's a valuable question to ponder as you move forward in your POD business.

Enjoy the show!


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