PODCast E165: Listener Mailbag + Claude AI vs ChatGPT

On this week's episode on the show, the guys answer a fairly long listener mailbag question about a new Etsy store. It's actually broken down into 3 separate questions that may apply to you. Additionally, Travis shares a little known fact about Etsy keyword formatting that you won't want to miss.

Plus, in the Point Of Interest, the guys talk about Claude AI and how it's seemingly superior to ChatGPT 3.5 (not sure how it compares to ChatGPT 4.0.) In fact, this post was written with Claude AI and is a summarized version of Episode 164 on holiday preparations for your POD business.

Enjoy the show!


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Other links from the show:
https://printondemandcast.com/print-on-demand-during-the-holiday-sales-rush (Written with Claude AI)
https://printondemandcast.com/podcast/e046  (Workflow episode)

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