PODCast E158: Learning About POD The Hard Way + Podcast Movement 2023

On this week's episode, Travis shares some of the struggles he's had with owning and operating a print on demand fulfillment center. In the spirit of transparency, he shares about how the overhead has finally caught up with him and is taking some fairly drastic measures in Make Your Mark Design. While very few people typically enjoy hearing about failure, the guys believe this kind of authentic talk about the ups and downs of business is important. Failure is often not shared until there is new success. However, many business owners go through challenges like this every day and it's important to face them and process those things with honesty. Hopefully this will help some who may have considered giving up on their dreams or have had the wind taken out of their sails.

Also, in the Point Of Interest, Travis shares about his time at the Podcast Movement 2023 conference. While not specifically POD related, it seemed like a fun topic to share about as it's given Travis new ideas for the Print On Demand Cast.

Enjoy the show!


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