PODCast E152: Moving From A Fixed Mindset To A Growth Mindset + New Epson DTG

On this week's show, Travis and Josiah talk about mindset. While some may say this topic doesn't need to be discussed on a podcast about print on demand, it's actually a massive topic that influences how well you do in business, relationships, and even life! Don't fast forward through this one - it can shed light on where you are currently as well as give you practical steps to take in order to grow yourself.

Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, the guys take a peek at the new Epson SureColor F2270 DTG printer! Coming in at $18,999 and shipping in August, it's a very intriguing option if you're starting to look at bringing production in house.

Enjoy the show!


Links From The Show:
Epson F2270

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