PODCast E151: Learning and Growing From Your POD Mistakes w/ Kevin Sterling

On this week's show, Travis and Josiah are joined by Kevin Sterling of Made For Print, a company that allows you to outsource your art department. He's been in the print on demand world for a few years, but learned a few lessons the hard way by paying a marketing company to help boost his Shopify store's online presence. While his concept was original and had a following, it seems the traction to push all the traffic was there quite yet.

Fast forward to today and Kevin is ready to push hard on his POD business and actively move onto established selling channels such as Etsy, Amazon Merch on Demand and perhaps even Walmart. Listen in as Keven shares some of the things he's learned and the advice he has to share with POD sellers!

Enjoy the show!


Kevin's Links:
kevin @ madeforprint.com
woof @ velcrovizsla.com
IG: @velcro.viz
FB: /Velcro.Viz

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