PODCast E150: Words of Wisdom For Your POD Business + Major USPS Updates

150 episodes later, Travis and Josiah are still making each other laugh. Who would have thought??!!

On this week's show, Travis and Josiah share some of their favorite past episodes, as well as some "words of wisdom" from past guests on the show. They also share some hopes and dreams for the future of the PODCast. 

And just to have a little fun, the guys challenge each other to a "don't laugh" style dad joke challenge! (Might want to watch this one on video if you can!)

Also, in the Point of Interest, the guy share a recent update the USPS is rolling out July 9th called "Ground Advantage" (we may or may not have called it "global advantage" during the show. 😬) Even if you don't produce and ship your own products, it's good to be aware of changes that can affect our ecommerce metaverse.

Enjoy the show!


Links from the show:

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