PODCast E147: Pros and Cons of Different Printing Methods For Apparel + INFORM Consumers Act

In this week's episode, Travis and Josiah discuss the pros and cons of eight different apparel decoration methods. Of course it wouldn't be the PODCast if there wasn't a spin on main topic, so the guys use a championship bracket to determine the "winner." It's a fun was to discover methods that can work for your apparel business and frankly, it fun for the guys to present it this way! 

Plus, in the Point Of Interest, Travis explain the INFORM Consumers Act that's forcing account verification for Amazon sellers on the Seller Central side of things. 

Enjoy the show!


Other Links From This Episode:
INFORM Consumers Act: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/help/hub/reference/GJ4JUGLSAPRM3LU7 (login required)

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