PODCast E146: Trademark and Copyright for Print On Demand Discussion w/ Ken Reil

In this week's episode, Travis and Josiah have a chance to catch up with Ken Reil, moderator of the Trademark Watch Dawgs Facebook Group. Ken was on the show back on Episode 9 so the guys get an update as to what he's been up to for the past 2 years for starters. Then the conversation moves to his recent testimony before the Trademark Public Advisory Committee about recent fee increases that have been proposed by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office.) Below you can find the link for submitting your comment (next 5 days only) to the USPTO regarding these increases and we encourage you to submit a comment!

There's so much more great conversation in this episode that I won't waste any more time writing about - go listen!

Enjoy the show!


Other Links From This Episode:
Monsters and Martians: https://monstersandmartians.com
Trademark Watch Dawg FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/461932877541687
Monster Energy Opposition List: https://bit.ly/Monster-Energy-Opposition-List
File a formal comment to the fee increases (until June 12, 2023): https://bit.ly/USPTO-comment

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