PODCast E139: How Do I Know If I Am Making Money? + Strange Summer Holidays

In this week's episode, Travis gets into the numbers and puts Josiah to sleep!

Well, not really. But kinda. The bottom line is that while the finances of your business can be a little boring, they're incredibly important. Your numbers are literally what keeps your business afloat. And if you've ever watched Shark Tank on ABC, you know that Mr. Wonderful eviscerates those who don't know them!

So how do you know if you're making money in your print on demand business?

Well, the guys don't claim to be geniuses about this topic, but they do share about a way that can help you know what you need each month to break even. And while that may not be the entire picture of your business' financials, it's a heck of a start!

Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, the guys share a few fun summer holidays you can potentially target to create new designs and products. Check out NationalToday.com for some more ideas!

Enjoy the show!


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