PODCast E138: Top 5 Hurdles When Starting POD + Wayfair Backend Review

On this week's episode, Josiah is finally back from Brazil so there's obviously going to be some stories shared! As far as print on demand goes, the guys spend some time sharing different hurdles that some may be facing as they get ready to jump into the world of POD. It's somewhat of a piggyback off of PODCast E136: The Downside of Print On Demand + Using ChatGPT and Canva Together - so get ready for some more downsides!

Obviously we're joking, but it's still important to understand what you're getting into when you decide to start a print on demand business.

Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, Travis shares his "not so great" experience with the backend of Wayfair!

Enjoy the show!


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