PODCast E137: Custom Collaborative Print Artistry w/ Kaitlyn Lane of Crown Trophy (LIVE)

Who is Kaitlyn Lane and why is she our guest on this week's PODCast? That's a question that'll be answered pretty quickly as you start listening to this week's episode. Kait has been in the printing industry for 8 years now and has a passion that's undeniable. From retail custom t-shirts to a trophy shop to paper goods and jewelry, she's honestly done it all.

She offers a perspective on collaboration in our industry that's so refreshing - honest and not self serving. She simply wants to share what she's learned. Hopefully you can glean something from the show and make sure to reach out to her if you're looking for some help - she'll absolutely go above and beyond!

Enjoy the show!


Kaitlyn's Links:

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