PODCast E132: You Sell, We Fulfill w/ Alex Galindo from Awkward Styles

In this week's episode, Travis and Josiah get a chance to chat it up with Alex Galindo, a Social Media Specialist at Awkward Styles. Awkward Styles is a print on demand fulfillment company based just outside Los Angeles, CA that specializes in working very closely with their customers. From 1 on 1 calls with each new client no matter the size, to offering over 150 products, they are a refreshing change of pace to the faceless "set it and forget it" POD fulfillment companies. Alex shares how they got started as where as where they're headed!

In order to put their money where their mouth is, they've offered listeners of the PODcast a 90 day FREE trial of a pro account if you use the the code PODCAST at checkout. Just head over to their site: https://printondemandcast.com/awkwardstyles

Enjoy the show!


Alex's Links:
https://printondemandcast.com/awkwardstyles   <---- use code PODCAST to get a 90 day free trial of a PRO account!

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