PODCast E123: End of Year Review + More ChatGPT Insanity!

Well folks, 2022 is officially 2 days from being over! On this episode of the PODCast Travis and Josiah take time to reflect on the last year personally, professionally, and (with the help of Spotify Wrapped) they take a look back at 2022 and what it meant for the PODCast itself.

Before they get there, the guys discuss more Chat GPT madness and the impending doom of humanity thanks to AI! (Just kidding...kind of.) 

Get your syrup ready because there is a lot of waffle in this one folks! 

Enjoy the show!


Links from the show:

https://entreresource.com/chatgpt-magic-for-bloggers     <----awesome article on using ChatGPT to assist in writing blog posts

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