PODCast E121: The Absolute Best Way To Market Anything Using A Story w/ Luke Humbrecht

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. It's how we, as humans, relate to each other and we understand it at a very base level. Stories move us, inspire us, and challenge us. Without stories, our lives would not be the same (and frankly, would be pretty boring.)

On this week's episode of the show, Travis and Josiah invite a good friend and incredible storyteller to the podcast. Luke Humbrecht is not only an incredible word smith and copywriter, he's also a certified Storybrand coach. Storybrand is a framework for crafting your marketing messaging so it will be effective. This can be used for just about anything from your company to the products you sell - and Luke is an expert at it. On the show he shares the 7 elements of a great story and how those elements are at play in nearly every great marketing campaign. He also shares how it could be applied to an online POD store and even an Etsy store.

This episode is easily one of the guy's favorites and will likely need to be listened to more than once. So much gold!

Enjoy the show!


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