PODCast E113: Print On Demand Dropshipping 101 + Using Alibaba For Unique Offerings

On this week's show, Travis and Josiah delve into the world of POD dropshipping. While in many industries, dropshipping could be a dirty word, for POD sellers it seems that it's the norm. Or at least the way many start out. With so many options for where you can get your products and without the heavy cost of machinery and inventory, dropshipping is a low barrier to entry for most. In this episode, the guys share all the things you'll need to consider before moving your new business down this path.

Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, the guys share about how Alibaba and AliExpress can be a wealth of information and potentially help you find a new product to bring to market that many won't have access to.

Enjoy the show!


Links from the show:
http://store.onlinejobs.ph/?aid=108509 <---- Onlinejobs.ph
https://www.vexels.com/?ref=travisross1 <---- Vexels
https://bit.ly/PrintOnDemadCast-Gelato <---- Gelato
CODE: Gelato_PODCast

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