PODCast E109: Patience Is Key In Merch By Amazon w/ Juna from Detour Shirts (REBROADCAST)

If you've been in the world of POD, you've likely seen Juna from Detour Shirts. He's been making wonderfully helpful YouTube videos for several years now. Once you've listened to the interview, you'll be able to understand how he keeps chugging away, even though he still has a 9-5 job and print on demand is his side hustle.

Juna focuses mainly on royalty based POD and is on several different platforms. He even won a contest for designing a T-shirt for the TV show "Lost!" Design is not only a talent for him, but it's his passion, as well. Join Travis and Josiah as they try and squeeze some tips and tricks out of him to see how he's kept his momentum for so long in the POD world.

Enjoy the show!


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