PODCast E096: How To Build Brands w/ Michael Essek [REBROADCAST]

Scheduling didn't work this week for Josiah and travis to get a new PODCast out, but I guarantee you'll love this rebroadcast of Episode 29 and our interview with Michael Essek!


From all the way from across the pond, Michael Essek joins the Print On Demand Cast this week to spend some time talking about how he is continuing to grow in his POD journey through the use of branding and licensing. From licensing designs to Hot Topic and Spencer's Gifts, he's really on another level when it comes to print on demand. Michael is doing it the right way.

For one, he's really focusing on his designs. In fact, during the interview, he takes time to share some of his secrets for coming up with ideas that give way to more ideas, and so on and so forth. He's a wealth of knowledge and Travis and Josiah really try and take it all in in the longest episode ever recorded for the PODCast.

Might need to break this one up, but well worth the listen. 

Enjoy the show!


Michael's Links:
Little Book Of T-Shirt Ideas
Ideas Workshop Waitlist

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