PODCast E062: No Need To Stay In One Lane w/ Helen Kinson

The easiest way to make money with print on demand is to create a design, load it onto a bunch of products on a bunch of platforms, then rinse and repeat. While there's nothing wrong with that process, many are doing just that since there's such a low barrier to entry. But why limit yourself to what everyone else is doing? 

On this week's show, Travis and Josiah interview Helen Kinson of the Merch Money Show. Helen has interviewed over 100 guests in her three years doing the show so who better to ask about diversifying your POD revenue streams? She's got lots of great ideas and shares some stories about things she's learned over the years.

Also, the registration to ISS Long Beach is available. Head to our Facebook Group and register - it's free and a great event to go to!

Enjoy the show!


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