PODCast E061: Are You Ready? A Q4 Checkup + 1000 "Tiche" Ideas

We waited for it all year and now it's here - Quarter 4. It's "the most wonderful time of the year" when it comes to revenue, but if you aren't ready for it, it can be a source of a lot of stress. This week, Travis and Josiah take you through a quick "check up" to see how your preparations are coming for this season. While the floodgates haven't opened quite yet, they most definitely will. Are you ready?

Plus, on this week's Point Of Interest, the guys share some humorous t-shirt niches (tiches) from a webpage they found. Over 1000 are listed on this site and while some may be the standard niches you've heard, there are a few on there that will surprise you.

Enjoy the show!


Links from the show:

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