POD Cast E055: Advanced Beginner Strategies w/ Nick Eden

Advanced beginner strategies? Is that an oxymoron? Well take a listen and you'll quickly learn about some of the low hanging fruit available with some of the strategies Travis and Josiah discuss with this week's guest, Nick Eden. Nick is a fellow podcaster and has been in the Print On Demand game for many years - he even got started in POD without knowing it! 

Nick and the guys discuss ways to get out of tier 10 and 25, plus how to not be so dependant on some of the platforms out there by taking your knowledge to the street! Businesses, activist groups, schools, etc all need what we have and the guys discuss ways to make that happen.

This week's episode is FULL of great ideas you can start doing TODAY so don't miss it!

Enjoy the show!


Nick's Links:

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