PODCast E045: Vexels.com Deep Dive w/ Gero Pereira

This week the PODCast goes international! Travis and Josiah are joined by Gero from Vexels, a design service company from Uruguay in South America. Thinking though how to best use design assets for your business can benefit you, and Vexels is an extremely beneficial tool if you're in a place where you can utilize it fully.

For two weeks from the airing of this podcast, Vexels will refund ONE subscription fee to anyone who signs up and uses our link. That means you have until July 14, 2021 to sign up for a chance to win! Regardless if you are interested in subscribing, there's a free design pack that you can download on that page, as well. 

Overall, the guys found Vexels to be an easy-to-navigate one stop shop for design elements, mockups, psd files, etc. Check it out at https://printondemandcast.com/vexels and see what you think.

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