PODCast E041: Make More Sales With Better Keywords w/ Cordelia Blake

Keywords make the ecommerce world go round - so why don't we spend more time talking about how to find and use them in a more efficient manner? This week, Travis and Josiah are joined by Cordelia Blake, who's not only been selling online but also educating others on ecommerce for nearly 10 years. Cordelia takes some time breaking down the difference in keyword research for product development vs researching for writing listings - and yes, there's a difference. 

As was mentioned on the show, Cordelia's keyword tool of choice is Helium 10. The PODCast was able to obtain a couple of special discounts for its listeners if you use one of the promo codes below.


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And as always, have a great day and tune in next week for another awesome PODCast!

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