PODCast E038: What's A VA and Why You Should Care (Re-broadcast)

On this week's show, we're re-broadcasting Episode 17 from Season One. Josiah is back in town, but the guys didn't have a chance to get to record a new episode. There are still some great tips about using VA's in your business and looking at the episode metrics, many of the audience hasn't heard this episode before!

Utilizing Virtual Assistants (VA's) + Direct To Film Printing
*On this week's show, the guys share all about how they utilize virtual assistants in their Print On Demand businesses. While certainly not exhaustive, there are a few good ideas if you plan on starting to build a team around you.

Plus, a new challenger to DTG (Direct To Garment) printing is stepping up and more people are talking about it. DTF (Direct To Film) seems to be gaining steam and Travis and Josiah talk a little it about it in the Point of Interest. Enjoy the show!*

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