PODCast E034: Use These Vendors For Your Products + Continuing Education

On this week's episode, Travis and Josiah spend some time sharing many of the vendors they use for blank products as well as consumables such as inks and packaging materials. If you are already creating your own POD products or plan to in the future, having a list of tried and true vendors is a MUST. And as Travis mentions in the show, always have "a backup to your backup!" While some of you may not be fulfilling your own orders, many of you are or plan to so have a listen and maybe take down some notes.

Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, he guys take a minute to encourage you to continue educating yourselves by taking advantage of the plethora of free information on the internet. Even the guest that have been on this podcast have other materials that can advance your knowledge about POD in ways you can't imagine. You don't know what you don't know.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's show! Don't forget to subscribe and review the PODCast! Thanks!

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