PODCast E033: START HERE Before Implementing w/ Chris Green + What's Your Why?

If you've been in the Amazon world for awhile, odds are you've heard this guy's name. Chris Green has been in the Amazon/FBA/POD/KDP game for over 20 years as a seller, designer, author, and teacher. Since 1999, he's flipped millions of dollars worth of products on ebay and Amazon, developed software for Amazon sellers, written books, published courses, hosted events, and much, much more. 

This week, Travis and Josiah have and AWESOME conversation about not only POD, but how and what to do with ideas in general. There are so many golden nuggets of wisdom to take away, you're going absolutely love this week's show. It could have gone another 4 hours so the guys will be sure to have Chris on again soon!

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