PODCast E031: Stop Doing What Everyone Else Is Already Doing w/ Brittany Lewis + Etsy Tips and Tricks

This week, Brittany Lewis from Be A Wolf Biz joins Travis and Josiah to talk all about how to stay relevant, especially on Etsy. Brittany is an Etsy seller and consultant with a specialty in print on demand. She's been selling online for over 7 years and is in the top 1% of all Etsy sellers, having sold over $600k on the platform. To say she understands what her customers want might be an understatement.

In this week's show, the guys ask questions about how she approaches selling POD online. From mockups to what she would do if she had to start all over, they really dig into the details. 

This show is full of golden nuggets - might want to take notes! Enjoy this week's show!

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