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PODCast E001: Meet Your Hosts

PODCast E002: Which Sales Channel is Right for You?

PODCast E003: Getting Ready For Q4 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

PODCast E004: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

PODCast E005: Mike Perillo - A Real Life POD Ninja

PODCast E006: Selling On Amazon.com

PODCast E007: Etsy Basics (and a little foolishness)

PODCast E008: Influencer Marketing As A Supplier

PODCast E009: Licensing and Copyright with Ken Reil

PODCast E010: Organizing Your SKUs and Designs

PODCast E011: The Art of Employing Humans (Part 1)

PODCast E012: The Art of Employing Humans (Part 2)

PODCast E013: Using Deco Network In Your Shop + Dye Sublimation

PODCast E014: Sublimating Mugs + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

PODCast E015: Goal Setting + New Merch By Amazon Products

PODCast E016: Order Flow + Apparel Rants

PODCast E017: Utilizing Virtual Assistants (VA's) + Direct To Film Printing?

PODCast E018: Listener Mailbag + Apparel Rants

PODCast E019: Year In Review + POD Lamps?

PODCast E020: Robyn Johnson - The Business Side of Business + Season 2 begins!

PODCast E021: Holiday Prepping + Making Your Dreams Come True

PODCast E022: Eight Things That Hurt Your POD Business + Industry Trends

PODCast E023: Barbara Boschen - Walmart.com for POD?

PODCast E024: Garment Printing 101 + DTF Update

PODCast E025: Adam Scheider - Using GearBubble For POD

PODCast E026: Seven POD Trends For 2021 + Spring Is Here!

PODCast E027: RJ Martinez - Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

PODCast E028: Save Money With Shipping + Free Photoshop Alternatives

PODCast E029: How To Build Brands w/ Michael Essek

PODCast E030: How To Scale Your Business + PirateShip!

PODCast E031: Stop Doing What Everyone Else Is Already Doing w/ Brittany Lewis + Etsy Tips and Tricks

PODCast E032: Which POD Provider Should I Use? + May Holidays

PODCast E033: START HERE Before Implementing w/ Chris Green + What's Your Why?

PODCast E034: Use These Vendors For Your Products + Continuing Education

PODCast E035: Persistence Pays Off w/ Neil Lassen

PODCast E036: How Making Other People Money Helps Your Bottom Line + Thanking Faculty

PODCast E037: The "Complementary Method" and How You Can Profit From It w/ Ryan Hogue

PODCast E038: What's A VA and Why You Should Care (Re-broadcast)

PODCast E039: Do You Even Advertise Bro? w/ Mike Perillo

PODCast E040: So You Want To Print Shirts? DTG Deep Dive + IP Infringement

PODCast E041: Make More Sales With Better Keywords w/ Cordelia Blake

PODCast E042: Facebook Live Event + POD Conferences

PODCast E043: Working In POD Series - The Production Manager w/ Taite Ross

PODCast E044: Pricing - Stop Racing To The Bottom + 100% Cotton Comparison

PODCast E045: Vexels.com Deep Dive w/ Gero Pereira

PODCast E046: How To Create a Workflow + Jeff Bezos In Space?

PODCast E047: Screen Printing On Demand w/ Cole Lundstrom

PODCast E048: Six Things I Wished I Knew When Starting POD + Vexels Contest Winner!

PODCast E049: Tips For Marketing To Gen Z + Back To School Tips

PODCast E050: Incredibly Fast Growth w/ Brandon O'Connor of Cloud 9 Prints

PODCast E051: Embroidery UV Lasers and Other Cool Stuff + Season 3 Preview

PODCast E052: ANNIVERSARY PODCast LIVE w/ Chris Green

PODCast E053: Why Do People Buy From You? + Post Office Holiday Rates

PODCast E054: Get UnStuck In Merch By Amazon w/ Yong

PODCast E055: Advanced Beginner Strategies w/ Nick Eden

PODCast E056: Turning The Tables On Josiah + POD Funding

PODCast E057: Turning The Tables On Travis + NFTs?

PODCast E058: The Business Side of Business w/ Robyn Johnson (Re-broadcast)

PODCast E059: 6 Tips For Choosing a POD Service + Scammers on MBA

PODCast E060: Use POD to Build Your Tribe w/ Chris Grant

PODCast E061: Are You Ready? A Q4 Checkup + 1000 "Tiche" Ideas

PODCast E062: No Need To Stay In One Lane w/ Helen Kinson

PODCast E063: START HERE Before Implementing w/ Chris Green

PODCast E064: Creating a POD Store From Scratch + Launch Cart

PODCast E065: The 5 P's of Marketing + S&S Buys TSC

PODCast E066: The Power Of Gratefulness + Quadruple Dad Jokes!

PODCast E067: December Check-In + POD Prosthesis

PODCast E068: Pushing Through Etsy Setbacks w/ Madelyn Sifuentes

PODCast E069: Listener Mailbag + A Successful Etsy Experiment

PODCast E070: Owning A Production Facility w/ Jason Roberson

PODCast E071: End Of The Year Report + USPS Increases

PODCast E072: Amazing Apps For Your Etsy Store + Transfers

PODCast E073: What Is Your Spouse Going To Think? + Reddit Mailbag

PODCast E074: Hiring Your First VA + Combine Niche Ideas

PODCast E075: Rethinking KDP To Build A Business w/ Tammie Chrin

PODCast E076: Why Your CoGS Matter + ISS Long Beach Recap

PODCast E077: Slow And Steady Print Shop Growth w/ John Yogodzinski

PODCast E078: Massive Announcement For PODCast Listeners + MYMD Fulfillment Services

PODCast E079: Patience Is Key In Merch By Amazon w/ Juna from Detour Shirts

PODCast E080: How To Handle Upset Customers in POD + Industry Price Increases

PODCast E081: Don't Give Up On Your Goals w/ Fiona Darcy

PODCast E082: How To Sell In Multiple Places + Using Sublimation For Charity

PODCast E083: Shop Tour - Make Your Mark Design

PODCast E084: Which POD Provider Should I Use? + May Holidays (rebroadcast)

PODCast E085: How Licensing Works w/ Michael Restrepo

PODCast E086: How To Prep For Summer Markets + Denver GXP

PODCast E087: Digging Deeper w/ the Production Manager w/ Taite Ross

PODCast E088: Operating a Retail Print Experience w/ Joshua Kice

PODCast E089: Advanced Beginner Strategies w/ Nick Eden [REBROADCAST]

PODCast E090: Digging Deeper w/ the Production Manager w/ Taite Ross - PART 2

PODCast E091: Even More Niche Ideas + Random Holidays

PODCast E092: (Print on Demand 101): What To Know Before You Start in POD + Pirate Ship Discounted Shipping Rates

PODCast E093: (Print on Demand 101): Deciding Where to Sell + Licensing Expo and Farmer's Market Updates

PODCast E094: (Print on Demand 101) Designs and Organization + Stahls Ultracolor Max DTF

PODCast E095: What Can VA's Do For You? Fireside Chat w/ Uncle Mike Perillo

PODCast E096: How To Build Brands w/ Michael Essek [REBROADCAST]

PODCast E097: (Print on Demand 101) Choosing a Fulfillment Partner + The Avalanche Win The Stanley Cup!

PODCast E098: (Print on Demand 101) How To Scale Your POD Business and Avoid Pitfalls

PODCast E099: Reminiscing About 99 Straight Weeks of PODCast Episodes + Digitsmith

PODCast E100: When Things Don't Go As Planned In Your Business + WE MADE IT TO 100!!!

PODCast E101: How To Succeed Long Term In POD + Liability Insurance

PODCast E102: Etsy Success By Using the Procreate App w/ Michelle Berry

PODCast E103: Is Amazon Glitched For POD Sellers?

PODCast E104: THE 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY w/ Chris Green

PODCast E105: Print On Demand Jewelry w/ Eric Toz from ShineOn

PODCast E106: Listener Mailbag + Walmart Opens Seller Floodgates!

PODCast E107: Annual Q4 Prep Check Up + Amazon's Account Health Dashboard

PODCast E108: General Sales Basics w/ Will Rest

PODCast E109: Patience Is Key In Merch By Amazon w/ Juna from Detour Shirts (REBROADCAST)

PODCast E110: Ten Tips For Selling On Etsy + Amazon Health Dashboard Update w/ Uncle Mike

PODCast E111: Is Gelato Right For Your POD Company? w/ Pal Naess

PODCast E112: Things You Might Not Know About Print On Demand

PODCast E113: Print On Demand Dropshipping 101 + Using Alibaba For Unique Offerings

PODCast E114: How To Outsource Important Business Tasks w/ Nathan Hirsch

PODCast E115: 8 Print on Demand Mistakes To Avoid + Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tips!

PODCast E116: What's The Next Step In Your POD Business + The PODCast Is mobile!

PODCast E117: Print Hustlers Conference Recap with John Yogodzinski and Kailey Betz

PODCast E118: The Importance of Thankfulness + The Alpha Pretreat System

PODCast E119: 5 Tips for Selling POD on Ebay + Etsy Printables!

PODCast E120: 20 Ways to 'Make Money In Your Sleep' + Why Tradeshows Are Beneficial!

PODCast E121: The Absolute Best Way To Market Anything Using A Story w/ Luke Humbrecht

PODCast E122: Dealing With Q4 Challenges aka The "Rantisode" + ChatGPT!

PODCast E123: End of Year Review + More ChatGPT Insanity!

PODCast E124: How To Handle Upset Customers in POD + Industry Price Increases [REBROADCAST]

PODCast E125: 11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting in POD + Travis Is a Published Author!?

PODCast E126: Amazon Merch and Etsy Success - A Slow Grind w/ Adam Young

PODCast E127: LIVE from Long Beach ISS - Talking DTF w/ Brandon Mills

PODCast E128: Long Beach ISS Recap + A HUGE Announcement for the Show!

PODCast E129: How to Become a Print Broker w/ Jessica Yanet Sanchez

PODCast E130: Top 2 Tips to Make Your Listing Stand on Etsy Amazon or Shopify

PODCast E131: What is Graphics Pro and How It Can Help You w/ Regan Dickinson

PODCast E132: You Sell We Fulfill w/ Alex Galindo from Awkward Styles

PODCast E133: How To Sublimate a Coffee Mug + A Little Bittle about Kittl

PODCast E134: How To Create Online Stores w/ Lynn Burghardt of Chipply

PODCast E135: What's the Function of an Apparel Rep? w/ David Dalla Gasperina of LAT Apparel

PODCast E136: The Downside of Print On Demand + Using ChatGPT and Canva Together

PODCast E137: Custom Collaborative Print Artistry w/ Kaitlyn Lane of Crown Trophy (LIVE)

PODCast E138: Top 5 Hurdles When Starting POD + Wayfair Backend Review

PODCast E139: How Do I Know If I Am Making Money? + Strange Summer Holidays

PODCast E140: How AI and Automation is Influencing Print On Demand + Creative Fabrica

PODCast E141: 6 Ways to Stop Leaking Money in POD + Kittl New Features

PODCast E142: 4 Options to Bring Print on Demand Production In House + Printful DTG Price Changes

PODCast E143: How To Hire a Designer For Print On Demand From Start To Finish + Starting a Baby Brand?

PODCast E144: Funding Your Print On Demand Addiction w/ Chris Green

PODCast E145: What the Heck is a Niche and How Do You Find One? + Photoshop Beta w/ AI

PODCast E146: Trademark and Copyright for Print On Demand Discussion w/ Ken Reil

PODCast E147: Pros and Cons of Different Printing Methods For Apparel + INFORM Consumers Act

PODCast E148: A Side Hustle for Your Print On Demand Side Hustle + Heat Press Nation

PODCast E149: Which POD Sales Channel Is the Best? + July 4th T-shirt Critiques

PODCast E150: Words of Wisdom For Your POD Business + Major USPS Updates

PODCast E151: Learning and Growing From Your POD Mistakes w/ Kevin Sterling

PODCast E152: Moving From A Fixed Mindset To A Growth Mindset + New Epson DTG

PODCast E153: A Little Bittle About Kittl w/ Drew Wilson

PODCast E154: Everything About POD Mockups + New Etsy Image Sizing

PODCast E155: Understanding Your Customer - The Psychology of Buying Online + Mimaki DTF Printer

PODCast E156: 8 Strategies For Growing FAST on Etsy + Free/Low Cost Marketing Ideas

PODCast E157: [REBROADCAST] Organizing Your SKUs and Designs + WFS vs FBA

PODCast E158: Learning About POD The Hard Way + Podcast Movement 2023

PODCast E159: Influencer Marketing 101 + Josiah is Flying Solo !?

PODCast E160: Influencer Marketing 201 + The Best “Famous” John

PODCast E161: Marketing Your Etsy Store w/ Social Media + Adobe Firefly Update

PODCast E162: More Etsy Store Tips To Grow Sales + Amazon POD Change?

PODCast E163: Are You Ready For Q4? + ISS Long Beach Registration

PODCast E164: All About Pricing POD Products + Not All Cotton Is Created Equal

PODCast E165: Listener Mailbag + Claude AI vs ChatGPT

PODCast E166: Strategic Design Makes For A Good Design w/ Andy Zenz

PODCast E167: 5 Big Challenges New POD Sellers Must Overcome + Christmas Products

PODCast E168: Managing Angry Customers in Print On Demand + Font Cloud

PODCast E169: Practicing Thankfulness In Your Business and Life

PODCast E170: The 4 Types of Entrepreneur Significant Others + Black Friday Deals

PODCast E171: How to Make More Money in Your Print on Demand Business + POD on Ebay

PODCast E172: The Four Stages of Business for Print on Demand Sellers

PODCast E173: Etsy POD Endurance and Success w/ Jay De Souza

PODCast E174: Nine Mistakes You Might Be Making in Print on Demand + Meta Imagine AI

PODCast E175: Tips To Lower Your Tax Burden + Spotify Wrapped

PODCast E176: Setting Goals the Right Way in Print on Demand and Life!

PODCast E177: Print On Demand Success Pyramid + POD Jewelry on Etsy

E178: Listen To This Before You Sell Anything - POD Essentials

E179: Networking is Sexier Than You Think + Impressions Expo Recap

E180: Secrets to Selling Wall Art Online + Amazon Shipping

E181: The Easiest Way to Expand Your POD Business + Makerplace By Michaels

E182: Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant? + Travis' Ebay Update

E183: Things You Didn’t Know About Printing On Fabric But Should

E184: Why Aren't You Selling Here Yet? POD Essentials

E185: 8 Mistakes You're Making in POD and How to Fix Them + A Brand New Segment!?

E186: Systemize Your Path to Print on Demand Profits

E187: Can You Really Start A Print On Demand Business For Free? + New DTG Printer

BONUS! E188: Interview w/ Mario Duval from Chopps Cards

E189: The Best Ways To Market Your Brand in 2024 + Impressions Expo Atlantic City Recap

E190: Shopify vs Marketplaces - Where Should You Sell? + Veeqo Shipping

E191: Six Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Sales on Etsy + TikTok Shops

E192: Going From “Just Starting Out” to “Crushing It” In Your POD Business + Epson F2270!

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