About Your PODCast Hosts

Travis Ross from Print on Demand Cast

Travis Ross

Travis has always had the entrepreneurial bug, but early in his career could never find the perfect fit. After being laid off in 2015, he jumped head first into selling physical products on Amazon using arbitrage, wholesale, and private label, as well as launching the Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference in Denver. In 2017, he began experimenting with Print On Demand (POD) and now owns and operates Make Your Mark Design – a full service POD fulfillment service with 5 different printing methods.

Josiah Sifuentes from Print on Demand Cast

Josiah Sifuentes

Josiah has been in the Print On Demand industry for over 6 years. With his ability to and love for working with people from all walks of life, Josiah has found a sweet spot in Influencer Marketing and helping people realize what Print on Demand can do for them. His skill in communication made it a natural progression for him to co-host the Print On Demand Cast creating the platform he wished had existed when he began in POD.

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